How to Choose the Best Hardwood Floors?

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If you want your home design to stand out, one of the best investments you can do is hardwood flooring. But selecting the right hardwood floors can take a lot of time, plus it’s complicated to figure out what exactly you need. Here you have some ideas that will make this process a lot easier.

Solid or Engineered Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is created from the desired type of wood. This means it’s a natural flooring option. There aren’t a lot of manufacturers that still deliver this type of product. Most manufacturers sell engineered flooring. These are planks created with a thinner top layer of hardwood and which are bonded to other segments as well. Those layers will help prevent the floor from shifting during the contraction or expansion cycles.

Prefinished or Site Finish

Prefinished wood is a good option if you want extravagant wood floors and you want to know exactly what you’re getting. Once you select a product, you get to see the sample, and you can choose other design elements based on that. This also takes less time to install; you don’t have to use any sealant or coloring agents either. On-site finishes offer a much better customization option, as you get to have more control over the sheen and stain.

Select the Right Plank Width

You need to do exact measurements to ensure the best possible purchase. If you’re not careful, your planks will not fit. Yes, installing hardwood floors is quite demanding, and that’s why you need to perform the right measurements, to be safe.

Pick the Best Wood Grain Pattern 

The grain pattern will differ based on how that particular log was cut. Plain sawn offers a traditional wood grain; quarter san boards have a lot of irregular figuring with some bright rays. Rift sawn boards have a consistent, linear grain. As you can see, each type of hardwood floors will be different, and you want to adjust everything based on that.

Which is the Best Wood Type for Hardwood Flooring?

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Oak is a popular option because it looks great and it’s very durable too. Walnut is a stellar option because it delivers a darker finish so that it can be a useful alternative in that perspective. But there are other options here too, such as ash, maple, cherry, and hickory.

A Good Finish Can Do Wonders

While there are a plethora of finishes for hardwood floors, only 2 of them stand out. These are oil and polyurethane. Oil will penetrate the wood, and it will offer a matte, natural look. Polyurethane comes with less maintenance, but the look is not as good.

If you want to choose the best hardwood floors for you, stick to these great ideas. They will make it easier for you to pick the right option. While it can be a bit challenging to select a proper hardwood flooring option, think about value and quality. You should always increase your budget a tiny bit if you want the best quality on the market!


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